[Gameready][VRC] Runa/Luna

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If you use this Avatar for Streaming, TikTok, Twitter or other platforms, even if it's just the Body, then please make sure to credit the concept artist nradiowave and Torinyan.

This is Runa 1.5, our Hazard Environment Testing Drone.

This specific Runa got pretty tired of being catapulted into the atmosphere at Mach 8 Speed towards freezing temperatures, so she escaped the testing facilities. Will you help her hide at your place by any chance~? She thinks you're kind of an idiot though but I guess you will do...

The gimmick of this Avatar is for her to be modular. Over time we will add more attachements to her, so you can customize your own unique Runa.

Here's the artists twitter page: https://twitter.com/nradiowave


We have permission to distribute model done with concepts of nradiowave, also we are really grateful for deep cooperation and feedback the artist provided us while model was produced.

This Avatar is rated Yellow (Medium)
PhysBones implemented

UPDATED 1.5 Patch
Runa updated to 1.5 Now works fine with Unity 2022 and QOL toggle added.

  • Added light and touch toggles
  • Touch moved to chest and no longer jumps on boobs
  • Slightly changed touch diameter for better synchronization
  • Luna becomes sadder
  • Clear avatar from writedefaults
  • Added boob physics checkbox
  • Renamed unnecessary idle animation to "Runia is silly kitten"
  • Added gesture disable toggle
  • menus were uniformized
  • no longer use write defaults
  • shoulder flaps no longer grabbable and posable
  • hair now grabbable
  • hair_lit mask set to high quality compression
  • toggle icon textures set to alpha is transparency
  • anchor override set to hips
  • fist_alt doesn't snap anymore
  • RESET_STATE for ft version was set back to 0


  • Game-Ready Avatar: Runa/Luna
  • Ready to use, please open the "Runa (Luna)" scene to load the avatar in unity.
  • Full Body Compatible and Tested (Please report any issues you find in our Discord Server)
  • Includes .blend


1) Download the newest VRC Creator Companion

2) Create an Avatar Project via the Creator Companion

3) Import the newest Runa Version

4)Upload Runa via the VRC SDK (imported automatically by the VRC Creator Companion)

5)All done!

Please remember to always use VRC Creator Companion!


  • Uses free Poiyomi Toon 7.3 which is already included and implemented
    • Uses 5 materials - body, hairs, facial details, and transparent details. Each has separate textures.
  • Body 4k Textures, Facials 2k Textures, 67660 Pory Total
  • Hair uses a set of 512 Maps
  • Substance Painter Source mesh maps are provided
  • A lot of Blendshapes so you can adjust the face and expressions/gestures
  • Yellow Rating due to 13 Physbone Components (Optimized), if you turn off Physbones she will be green rated.
  • Uses SDK 3.0
  • Contains .blend source. Export your edit using CATS, and use 2.93.6 blender please
  • If you stroke the head or poke the nose, she will change her expression. You can also play with her antenna, heh.
  • PhysBones implementation - Hair, Boobs, Buttocks, Tummy, Kneeplates, small parts
  • The entire avatar is high in detail, if you love robots/androids then she's for you
  • Avatar is designed to be modular, meaning there will be attachments for her body in the future.
  • Please DO NOT use cats 'Fix model' feature if modifying any of my models in blender, the 'Fix model' option is for TDA models, all of my models are hand sculpted with better bounding and dynamic bones/physbones/twists, using the 'Fix model' option in cats WILL break it completely in game. Cats is a useful tool but don't use that part on my models.
  • Supports Full Body Tracking. (FBT)
  • If you want your avatar to look exactly like the pictures please use the version of Poiyomi shader included.

I don't guarantee the same look on new versions of Poiyomi.

The character is over 18 years old, has a developed mature body, I'm not related to any user-made lore, nor any materials made with this model or its edits. It is provided to the end-user in SFW state. 


  1. I'm not responsible for any damage done, by the use of this model.
  2. All authoring rights to model belong to me, you are buying the right to use the asset.
  3. You cannot sell the source files or modification that includes the source model or parts in original or a modified state.
  4. You can sell attachments, custom clothes, props, etc for this model if you made them yourself. Your package should exclude any original data from my model.
  5. (You cannot resell or distribute ANY part of this model, but you can make your own clothes and sell them separately)
  6. You are allowed to use this model for commercial use (videos, games, events, streams) where the source files are not exposed to the public for download or use.
  7. Please credit me for the creation of the Avatar if you use it in any form like VTubing, Games, Streams, etc.
    Please also credit nradiowave for the design/concept art of Runa.
  8. You may use this model personally, no public uploads to avatar pedestals (as no data on public pedestals is secure), please don't upload to your friend's accounts, you are buying a single licence.
  9. You can share model data with a trusted mod maker to have personal modifications, this person is allowed to do modifications commercially. This person is not allowed to use this model, share it, or distribute it in any way, source data they receive should be deleted as soon as their work is finished.
  10. I reserve authoring rights on any mesh and textures that are made with the original data. They have the same usage terms.
  11. Buyers are responsible for any usage terms violation, that happens due to model sharing with a third party.


  • Do not demand support, I don't guarantee support if it's demanded in a rude or offensive way.
  • However if there is a problem with anything or something you can't work out you can ask on my discord server in the support channel and we will try and help if possible: https://discord.gg/Qn8Jag7BEV

If joining purely for support please use this template so we can help you easier:

Product name:

I made sure I'm using correct unity version and all recommended side assets(dynamic bones, shaders): (Yes/No)

My SDK is not beta and up to date: (Yes/No)

I've installed everything according to the manual and all packages are latest: (Yes/Please state what you changed)

"I'm not using any additional tools"/I am using additional tools which are:

Please state the issue:

"I haven't made any changes, I had this problem from the beginning"

"I made changes to the asset" - Please describe what you changed in as much detail as possible.

"It was edited by a trusted editor personally for me"

"I don't know how to do a custom edit can anyone help me?" - Explain what you want to change.

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Last updated May 25, 2023

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[Gameready][VRC] Runa/Luna

264 ratings
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