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[ENG][TORIBASE][KITBASH] Tight and Shiny

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Dear customers, please know that toribase is not a finished avatar! It's a DIY kit! You're meant to make an avatar of your own from it. I do not provide blendshapes on cloth, nor blendshapes for certain cloth on all [toribase] series avatars. You need basic blender and unity skills to use it! All products for toribase are kitbash for your creative purposes.

1.1 Patch

  • Fixed unnecessary weight from zchest center on back.
  • You can fix your product manually by just erasing zChest_center on a back side of catsuit and harness

Hello dear followers. Not long ago someone called my base popular, so, I think this bratty girl probably got too smug. Considering so, I decided to sub her just a little.

So, here is shiny and tight catsuit set. It comes with:

  • Catsuit
  • Harness with cuffs collar and leash
  • High boots
  • Hooves like boots
  • Ball gag

Item reuses butcher dress tiled details, they are included!

No avatars are included in this package, only costume

Blend file, materials, test prefab is set up. there's no albedo map, but all substance mesh maps are included. Outfit relies on baked normal map from a sculpt

Textures are

Boots - 2k

Catsuit 2k

Details - down to 512

So there is 3 materials

Polycount is high, 10k verts catsuit, around 5k boots.

Item is rigged to toribase and fits only her.

Please DO NOT use cats 'Fix model' feature if modifying any of my models in blender, the 'Fix model' option is for TDA models, all of my models are hand sculpted with better bounding and dynamic bones/twists, using the 'Fix model' option in cats WILL break it completely in game. Cats is a useful tool but don't use that part on my models.


It's a tight full bodysuit, clipping in extreme areas is just unavoidable!! Consider making yourself an alpha mask or shape key to squish body a little. Toribase is a DIY kit.


  2. You can make your own paid products with the contents of this package, or use it in your games or videos as long as it has been added to or modified by you.
  3. Please credit this original base in the description.
  4. For Example: "Uses Toribase please do not resell or share the original base model!"
  5. You can forbid reselling or distribution of your products containing this product if you wish.
  6. Your customers can sell their own creations containing this base if they have also bought this original package.
  7. You can make free and public avatars if you want, but please still credit and the link to the original Toribase and these rules.
  8. Please don't delete the credit shape keys on the meshes. Unless making a high-performance version or VRM if so please leave credit visible somewhere in the package.
  9. I understand that this product may be pirated, leaked, and shared publicly and I have no way to stop people from doing so, I hope that people won't do this as I put a lot of work into the base and it is a fair price I feel, but if you see it pirated please don't DM me as I'm unable to stop those who will do so anyway.


  • I expect users to have basic knowledge of blender and unity so you know where to start in making an avatar from a base, I can't help with every detail of everything everyone asks so please take the time and learn to add clothing, animations, etc.
  • Do not demand support, I don't guarantee support if it's demanded in a rude or offensive way.
  • However if there is a problem with the base or something you can't work out you can ask on my discord server in the support channel and we will try and help if possible:

If joining purely for support please use this template so we can help you easier:

Product name:

I made sure I'm using correct unity version and all recommended side extras (dynamic bones, shaders): (Yes/No)

My SDK is not beta and up to date: (Yes/No)

I've installed everything according to the manual and all packages are latest: (Yes/Please state what you changed)

"I'm not using any additional tools"/I am using additional tools which are:

Please state the issue:

"I haven't made any changes, I had this problem from the beginning"

"I made changes to the item" - Please describe what you changed in as much detail as possible.

"It was edited by a trusted editor personally for me"

"I don't know how to do a custom edit can anyone help me?" - Explain what you want to change.

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Last updated May 25, 2023

Eco-friendly suit

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[ENG][TORIBASE][KITBASH] Tight and Shiny

19 ratings
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